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By | August 4, 2015

Part of the reason this information wasn’t known about earlier is because it was not on PACER, instead it was on the Riverside County Superior Court website and buried in declarations related to other cases. To make everyone’s life easier, I have uploaded supporting documents to Scribd, and they are embedded below where you can just scroll down and read everything for yourself to make your own judgement.

Hardy Gold Declaration – “I anticipate criminal charges will be filed.”


AAC-Hardy Gold Declaration 8-30-13 by Bleecker St

Dr. Frank Sheridan Declaration 


AAC-Benefield-Declaration of Dr Frank Sheridan 3-19-14 by Bleecker St

Benefield – Statement of Undisputed Facts 

AAC-Benefield – Statement of Undisputed and Disputed Facts by Benefield Legal Team 5-1-14 by Bleecker St

Jose Ochoa Declaration 

AAC-Benefield-Declaration of Jose Rutillo Ochoa on 4-24-14 That Menz Approved Benefield by Bleecker St

Robert Swensrud Declaration 

Robert Swensrud Declaration by Bleecker St

Thalia Kirchwhen Declaration 

AAC-Benefield –Thalia Kirchwehm Affidavit 3-19-14 by Bleecker St


Shirley Cox Lawsuit 

Shirley Cox Lawsuit – False Imprisonment, Emotional Distress, Etc by Bleecker St

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